Stump Removal and Grinding

tree stump

Whether it’s an old, existing tree stump on your property or the need for a tree stump removal after removing trees, our company is able to grind your stump, remove the debris, and repair the area on your property to suit your needs.

Tree stump grinding isn’t only for aesthetic reasons, but also serves an important function. Decaying stumps left in a landscape are broken down by nature by wood-decomposing fungi. If live plants are nearby that same fungi can cause decay in those plants as well. Removing the tree stump will remove much of the wood that those fungi will attack, keeping your surrounding plants healthier.

Some times it is necessary to remove a tree stump in order to plant a new tree or shrubs in that location or to convert the area to a new lawn surface by seeding the area. In either case, our crews can safely and effectively remove your tree stump.

How do you Remove a Tree Stump?

Stump Grinding has some advantages over digging out stumps. When a stump is removed by digging, more debris often results leaving an even larger hole. A stump grinder has a toothed wheel that essentially shreds the wood into small pieces that can be easily dug out. Our workers know how to not only remove the main stump but also some surrounding surface roots to allow for the site’s new use.

Although stump grinders can be rented from local rental companies, we strongly advise you allow a professional stump grinding service to do this work for you. The cost to grind stumps can be fairly reasonable depending upon your site and scope of work. A pro will have a big enough grinder to perform this work effectively. Stump grinding can be a very dangerous operation that requires the right protective gear and job planning. Since the ground is being penetrated, it is very important to notify local utilities to have all underground lines marked prior to stump grinding to prevent service interruption, damage, and personal injury.