Mowing Services

We provide professional lawn mowing service in the central Pennsylvania area. These lawn mowing services assist both commercial and residential properties. If you are interested in mowing services for a commercial property, one of our Commercial Account Managers can discuss the availability of this service offering for your site.

Our residential mowing services also are available in a limited area within proximity of our location. One of our Residential Account Managers can also discuss the possibility of this service for your home.


 Giving your head of hair a cut and giving your lawn a cut has less in common than just the tools you use. While cutting your hair to a specific length may be a matter of preference, your lawn cutting technique shouldn’t be decided based upon convenience, mood, or preference. There is a right way to mow, and many wrong ways


 However, if you keep your mowing height around 3″, this will help not only to reduce the soil temperature, but the thicker turfgrass will help to retain what little moisture you get from rainfall in the summer. This means a greener, more actively-growing lawn which will be harder for weeds to grow in. In a competition, the weeds lose to the nice lawn.